Hair Mask Cream - 100% natural Intensive Treatment - 400 ml

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This natural Hair Mask Cream imbues your hair with herbal extracts and provides intense conditioning to the scalp with the goodness of Ayurveda through proven effective clinical research. The hair mask cream, Regenerates damaged keratin molecules, restores hair & scalp structure, normalizes moisture balance, nourishes hair & scalp, protects from sun & pollution & provides essential minerals & nutrients that replenish hair follicles.


1. Clean:

Clean your hair and scalp with Amsarveda Protein Shampoo. For best results keep the shampoo on for  1-2 minutes before rinsing. Use as often as required.


2. Treat:

Apply the hair mask cream after washing hair with shampoo, keep it on for 20 minutes before rinsing. For best results use 2-3 times a week.


3. Nourish:

Use your choice of Hair serum if required.

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Avocado helps rejuvenate & moisturize the scalp. A rich source of proteins, amino acids, & vitamins, Avocado helps soothe the scalp & promotes, strong, healthy hair growth. In this unique natural hair mask formula we combine the goodness of avocado with the best healing & moisturizing oils & extracts found in nature.

Ashwagandha is one of Ayurveda’s most popular herb. It possesses powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that are critical for scalp health. It is a rich source of flavonoids and essential fatty acids. Ashwagandha contains tyrosine, an amino acid that stimulates the production of melanin, inhibiting the loss of color in hair. It combats free radicals, which aids in sun protection and slows down the aging process for skin and hair.

Carthamus extract produced by Amsar has been clinically tested to show that it promotes the hair growth associated gene-expression in dermal papilla cells & keratinocytes. The extract stimulates hair growth & hair density.

Jojoba oil is unique in that it resembles sebum, the waxy substance produced by our own sebaceous glands. Due to its lightness, it is the perfect ingredient to nourish hair & it does not impart additional oiliness to the hair & scalp.

Soya protein is considered one of natures gifts to vegetarians. Providing a comprehensive meal of proteins, soya proteins are highly nutritious. When these proteins are purified the amino acid content profile becomes extremely valuable in hair & skincare. The amino acids provide nutrition, protection, & a smooth layer to dry damaged hair.

Rice bran oil has omega-3 & omega-6 fatty acids. It contains natural Vitamin A & E nourishing the scalp & providing a strong antioxidant shield. It contains Ferulic acid & ester that promote hair growth.

Aloe barbadensis known as Aloe vera is one of the more popular herbs in modern cosmetology. Our extract is one of the few produced globally that has radio-protective activity. The moisturizing properties of Aloe is legendary & our extract contains over 50% polysaccharides that have moisturizing & protective properties. Our extract has also been clinically proven

Proteins as a group of molecules are usually too large to penetrate the skin & hair. By modifying the size of these proteins without changing the natural goodness we are able to deliver highly effective molecules that strengthen the hair & protect from damage caused by UV light, chemical treatment or drug therapy.

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