Skin Firming Serum - 100 ml

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This 100% natural Amsarveda Skin Firming Serum, with extracts of Rose & Aloe Vera & other premium herbal extracts provides the required hydration to your skin whilst tightening the pores gently, soothing the skin & making the skin supple, moisturized & fresh. Amsarveda's Skin Firming Serum is suitable for both men & women who want to revive the skin from loss of elasticity & skin tone due to age, stress & chemical products. A Unique serum that provides the highest content of premium ingredients that have proven anti-aging activity, restores cellular integrity, promotes collagen synthesis & has a protective effect over environmental & stress-related damage.

After cleaning your skin with any Amsarveda cleansing product, dispense sufficient quantity of the serum on your palm & gently apply to your face & neck with circular movement till absorbed. Follow up with your choice of Amsarveda face cream. For best results use morning & night.

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Aloe barbadensis known as Aloe vera is one of the more popular herbs in modern cosmetology. Our extract is one of the few produced globally that has radio-protective activity. The moisturizing properties of Aloe is legendary & our extract contains over 50% polysaccharides that have moisturizing & protective properties. Our extract has also been clinically proven

Amsarveda's Rose extract has been clinically proven to protect the skin from UV damage, counteract the effects of premature aging. Rose extract is partially beneficial for dry, sensitive or aging skin concerns. It provides a calming & astringent effect which helps diminish redness & skin irritation.

This absolutely amazing medicinal plant has forged its way into Egyptian, Indian, Greek, & Roman medicine as well as into the herbal healing arenas of the Europeans. The golden orange flower blooms just once a month, lending it a religious mystique. Marigold is well known as a remedy for burns, cuts, insect bites & bruises. Applied most often as a salve, ointment or compress, it speeds up the healing process, alleviating inflammation, pain & probable infection. When applied as a salve on women receiving radiation treatment for breast cancer, it has been proven to reduce dermatitis that usually follows chemotherapy treatment

Comment : I bought this product last week and I love it. It not only makes my skin feel soft it appears to be a great primer for under my foundation. I was so impressed with the product I went back and bought another bottle.

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